National Indigenous Disabled Women Association Nepal (NIDWAN) is a service oriented national level organization established to build protect and promote the rights of indigenous women with disabilities and their leadershipcapacity.By many ways indigenous women with disabilities are the most disadvantaged and vulnerable group often facing multiple discriminationbased on their ‘disability’ ‘indigeneity’ and ‘gender’ identity excluding them from the mainstream development living with marginalization, poorest of the poor, affecting meaningful participation within their own communities and the wider community.

Many evidence based national and international documents (UNDRIP, WCIP Outcome Document 2015, SDG, 2015, E/C. 19/2013/6, ILO 2015 Report, IASG 2015 Report)related with human rights, disability, women and indigenous have stated that the prevalence of disability amongst indigenous persons and women with disabilities is significantly higher than of the general population.  Among the whole global population, there are 10-15% persons with disabilities (WHO, 2011) where as there are 54million indigenous persons with disabilities all around the globe and45 million IPWDS are from Asia and Pacific (UNPFIIP, 2013).

In this regard, there are 3million persons with disabilities in Nepal (Sources from  Disabled Person led Organizations) and among them more than 1.2 million are indigenous persons with disabilities (NIDA, 2013) in Nepal. The reasons behind this data are civil war;including higher levels of poverty; illiterate; unaware about health; disability, increased exposure to environmental degradation; the impact of large projects such as dams or mining activities; higher risk of being victims of violence and abuse; higher risk of being affected by disaster; living and depending on forest and natural resources, migration, forced displacement, foreign employment, mental health issues and the prevalence of diabetes among indigenous persons. Focusing on this urgent situation, national policies and programs are yet to made and planned. In this framework, NIDWAN is assembled to unite indigenous women with disabilities to address and advocate for these urgent, emerging and alarming issues from grass root level to international level.