Integration and valuing cultural diversity:

NIDWAN valuesintegrated culture, caste, religion, language, sex, geography, types of disability, location considerations into all aspects of planning, policies, programs and service delivery among duty bearer and right holder as a valuable asset of community.

Sharing and mutual learning and respect:

NIDWAN shares mutual respect and commitment to cultural competency and sharing responsibility among staff, community and services as a core and two-way process.

Right Based Approach:

NIDWANemploys a rights-based approach in the implementation of all its activities.  NIDWAN believes in the fundamental rights and collective rights of all individuals including social inclusion and work to create a more equal and just community.

Strength Based Approach:

NIDWAN acknowledges strengths of individuals, families, experts, advisors, leaders, staff, communities and their services andrecognizes their values.


NIDWAN maintains accountability and transparency for the cultural responsiveness and accessibility of our services and programs offered for right holders, duty bearer, communities and organizations.

Consultation and Partnerships:

NIDWAN engages grass root indigenous persons/women/children with disabilities, their assistant, career, family members, community people, IPOs and DPOs and government stakeholders, leaders, experts and advisors for wider consultation for partnerships and support the most diverse population.

Knowledge Transfer and monitoring:

NIDWAN generates evidence based on data, research, findings, information, good practice models, sharing session and research for advocacy and service delivery and enables continuous quality improvement for it.

Encouraging Leadership and Sustainability:

NIDWAN encourages everyone to be a change maker in the society and analyze the past and present and work for future.

Early Intervention and Prevention:

NIDWAN focuses on disability and its intervention, prevention and rehabilitation to address the complexities of disabilities.

Target Groups: 

NIDWAN emphasizes diversities of disability and indigenous group including indigenous persons with disabilities women, youth, children, poor, vulnerable and geographically backward, marginalized and severe types of disability.