The issue about indigenous women with disabilities is an issue that has remained unexplored till now because the intersectional identity of indigenous women with disabilities as being ‘indigenous’, ‘disabled’ and ‘women’ are all contested issue that has taken minds to address in recent days as a human rights issue in national and international framework and documents like UNDRIP, ILO 169, WCIP Outcome Document 2015, SDG, 2015, E/C. 19/2013/6, ILO 2015 Report, IASG 2015 Report and others. However, these issues and movements are still in struggling to ensure their rights.  Some of these issues have achieved some progress while others are in process. So in this course we want the most vulnerable segment of the society indigenous women with disabilities to be focused and brought into attention in the framework because they are the most vulnerable and their representation in every framework is vacuum. So we raise the issues of indigenous women with disabilities from the grass root level to mainstream them in the disability, indigenous, women and state movement and discourse so that no one will be left behind.