Different Types of Impairment Skills, Training and Capacity Building of Deaf Women and Women with Disabilities

NIDWAN believes in being economically independent as a major factor in our fight towards ensuring our rights for this purpose, on the 2nd of January, an interaction with employment stakeholders was held in Lalitpur Municipality. Deaf women and Women with Disabilities were there to consult and inform the invited stakeholders. The main topic of the interaction was about the different types of skills, training, entrepreneurship, market and job placements for Deaf People and Women with Disabilities. Lalitpur Municipality provided employment possibilities for deaf women and women with disabilities in different areas and spaces. NIDWAN was honoured to share deaf culture and provide information on issues regarding deaf people. Additionally, NIDWAN provided input in the consultative meeting with all stakeholders and groups. In the future, NIDWAN member’s aims to learn sign language and include deaf people in its program.

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