Health Hygiene Kits

Continuing the COVID relief support activities NIDWAN recognized that for Women with Disabilities besides food and medicine, WASH and DRRM materials were as essential as this need was not recognized by any other entities. Considering this scenario NIDWAN created the ‘Health Hygiene Kit’, supported by Urgent Action Fund and PAWANKA FUND and has been continuously distributing it in Sindhupalchowk and all 7 Provinces serving 600+ Women with Disabilities along with CSOs, IPOs and OPDs. Our Kit consists of 35 items under 4 categories:

  1. Medicinal Items
  2. Wash Items
  3. Gender-Related Items
  4. Reading Items

Our Kit is created in a way that will provide not just basic requirements but will also contribute to awareness through our reading materials which consist of NIDWAN’s publication on CEDAW, CRPD, COVID related information and more. Based on the requirements of the area and targeted group we change or add certain products like a torch, hot water bags etc. This is one of the major best practices of NIDWAN which has been an example for other organizations as well.

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