NIDWAN recognizes that some marginalized groups, such as young women, indigenous women, women with disabilities and young indigenous women with disabilities, face disadvantages that overlap and intensify each other due to their multiple identities. These intersectional discriminations are due to their racial, caste, ethnic and gender identity, age, disability, geographical situation and poverty. Multiple discriminations increase vulnerability and widen the gap with the rest of the society.

Indigenous women are not represented as a legal entity under the constitution, laws and policies of Nepal. In a patriarchal society like ours, young indigenous women with disabilities are impacted by generational poverty, wealth inequality, lack of resources and infrastructures. Often, they endure bonded labor, human trafficking, rape, forced sterilization and other serious violations of their human rights and women with disabilities lack education, health, employment and rehabilitation imbedded with stereotypes beliefs, stigma and negative perceptions at community level.

NIDWAN works to bring awareness about these marginalized issues in an integrated manner in coordination and collaboration with all right holders, governmental institutions, academia, and development partners at grass root level, regional and at international level.

NIDWAN take actions at grass root and community level to dismantle barriers, and focus on the need of education, empowerment, development delivery and research, accessible infrastructures and a more equitable society to progress towards sustainable development.   

NIDWAN recognizes the multiple layers of identities and its impacts on the most marginalized groups and stands for respecting the diversity within all of us for building together a better and more inclusive world.

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