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Second WCIW

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33, 34, and 36 NIDWAN Discussion Series for Information on 2WCIW and The Outcome Document

Taking the scenario of 2WCIW in account, NIDWAN incorporated four sessions: 33rd , 34th, and 36th on various components of the World conference during the regular NIDWAN Discussion Series. The session was specially organized to take the Conference and its progress to the ground of Nepal and update People with Disabilities on what was happening […]
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National, Regional (Asia Pacific) and Global Declaration on Indigenous Women With Disabilities

2nd WCIW is monumental and historic to 28 million Indigenous Women with Disabilities globally. For the first time in history, Indigenous Women with Disabilities are claiming their spaces in the global level and NIDWAN in the front line with strategic intervention on 2WCIW through side-event and Political Declaration on all 3 levels: National, Regional (Asia […]

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Side-Events During the 2nd World Conference of Indigenous Women

The 2nd World Conference of Indigenous Women (2WCIW) is a historic moment for all Indigenous women, girls, and Women with Disabilities who aim and dream of inclusive and just society and to set an example for those, working for the rights of all Indigenous Women to bring a significant change. In 2021, NIDWAN had an […]

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