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Environmental Justice

Indigenous communities, especially indigenous women, are known as the custodians of the land. All over the World, Indigenous People have been claiming their right to express their contribution and concerns on environmental justice.
As Indigenous Peoples, we possess the knowledge and skills needed to progress towards a sustainable world. The young indigenous generation needs to get involved in cultivating, preserving and sharing our traditional and customary practices and values.
In this regard, NIDWAN focus on researching, raising awareness and reporting locally and internationally on the impact of environmental justice on Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities. NIDWAN also collaborates with organizations on the front line of environmental justice. NIDWAN is advocating for the representation and participation of Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities in environmental justice negotiations.

Some of posts for this section are listed below.

Disability Inclusive Climate Justice Video Launched By EU

The European Disability Forum (EDF) and CBM Global launch a video on disability-inclusive climate justice at the European Development Days which is took place online over 2 days (June 15th – June 16th). The continuing restrictions for travel and safe distancing due to COVID19 and a commitment by both EDF and CBM Global to minimize carbon footprint meant that […]
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Participatory Action Research on Climate change: A documentation of Process and Learning

NIDWAN with the support of MAMA CASH carried out a qualitative research on Participatory Action Research on Climate Change in Chautara Sangachokgadi Municipality, Ward 5, Sindhupalchowk. District. The aim of the qualitative research was to initiate systematic documentation of the PAR by engaging and empowering Indigenous Women and Indigenous Women with Disability on climate change […]
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Documentary Video: Impacts of Climate Change on Indigenous Women with Disabilities, Kavre District

NIDWAN prepared a documentary on the Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Women with Disabilities with the support of PAWANKA Fund. The video is based on research conducted by NIDWAN at Kavre district. The video highlighted that Poor and marginalized sections of society like indigenous women with disabilities are suffering disproportionately from different socio-cultural values, […]
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Climate Justice Action March for COP26

November 8, in Solidarity with CSOs working on Climate justice, Indigenous Peoples, Marginalized Groups, Communities from the Global South along with the various Social Movements, Grassroots Organizations and Climate Justice Activists, Experts around the world raised and mobilized during the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice in Glasgow and globally on Nov 6. In […]
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Impacts of Climate Change on Indigenous Women with Disabilities

NIDWAN with the financial support of PAWANKA Fund carried out a rapid qualitative assessment on the Impacts of Climate Change on Indigenous Women with Disabilities at Ward 2 of Namobuddha Municipality, Kavre district, Bagmati Province, Nepal. The primary objective of the qualitative research was to document cases and evidence on the impacts of climate change […]
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Climate Change Virtual Course: A Collaboration of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) & NIDWAN

NIDWAN, in collaboration with the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) and the support of the PAWANKA Fund, conducted 10-weeks Virtual Course on Climate Change entitled 'Discussion on Climate Change (CC), Indigenous Youth, and Indigenous People with Disabilities'. The course was designed to engage and capacitate the indigenous youths for advocacy and sensitize them on […]
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Landmark achievement in framing Indigenous Peoples and Person with Disabilities and their issues in COP-15, Paris Agreement  

Ms. Pratima Gurung, President of NIDWAN took part in the 21st session of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP-21) in Paris, France for the first time representing Indigenous People with Disability. Before the COP 15, she attended the Pre-COP session organized by Asia Indigenous People Pact (AIPP) from 16 to 18th September […]
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Climate Change Policy NIDWAN

As countries move forward with measures to combat climate change and adapt to its impacts from the ground level, it is critical that multilateral forms of climate governance and national policies and framework ensure the meaningful participation of People with Disabilities at all levels by respecting and integrating their fundamental human rights. Thus, this policy […]

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