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Sports and Culture

The fact that Peoples with Disabilities can equally contribute, preserve and participate in the cultural and artistic lives of their families and communities and become role models for people experiencing challenges. NIDWAN encourages and facilitates the practice of Sport and Culture as a means to promote social change, indigeneity and disability inclusion.
NIDWAN enables young IPs and Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities to integrate and pass on cultural traditions and art such as dance, painting, music, sewing art, etc. to promote the intergenerational transfer of our knowledge as most of our history is oral and may disappear if we don't continuously practice it. Through sport and culture, people can develop and utilize their creative and intellectual potential.
NIDWAN promotes sport as a transformative power, particularly for women with disabilities. NIDWAN brings sports activities, events and tournaments to rural areas where access is usually very challenging for People with Disabilities. By providing them with the opportunity to compete and demonstrate their physical ability, sport helps reduce stereotypes and negative perceptions associated with women and disabilities.

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Solidarity Night

NIDWAN always incorporates Indigenous customary practices in each event through solidarity night and inaugural sessions (before/after our event) as our core values. With the objective to preserve and promote our ancestral knowledge and values, we believe and practice integrating such traditional practices in our day to day work as well.
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One women with disability standing and dancing and one women with disability in wheelchair dancing

Wheelchair Dance for Community Awareness

The practice of art and culture binds people together to challenge and question oppressive or discriminatory practices which often is a safe tool for marginalized people to amplify their voice and be heard. NIDWAN have often used culture and art to challenge mainstream representations of disability issues. NIDWAN have actively engaged in spreading awareness and […]
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women in jersey is moving her wheelchair with basketball on her lap

Wheelchair Basketball and Taekwondo

Believing sport as a means of inclusion and adaptation, improving health and well-being which empowers them to bring out their full potential, advocate for changes in society and act as role models NIDWAN has been engaging in wheelchair basketball and taekwondo activities. In the years 2018 and 2019, executive members and our general members have […]
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NIDWAN works for the groups having multiple and intersecting identities and builds synergy both at the grassroots and global level collectively with various organizations and relevant stakeholders by cross-movement collaboration.
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