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Disability Inclusive Climate Justice Video Launched By EU

The European Disability Forum (EDF) and CBM Global launch a video on disability-inclusive climate justice at the European Development Days which is took place online over 2 days (June 15th – June 16th). The continuing restrictions for travel and safe distancing due to COVID19 and a commitment by both EDF and CBM Global to minimize carbon footprint meant that the video was filmed fully online, using the accessible platform of Zoom. The video is available in both its long and short form.

Participants in the video came from all regions of the world to share on two aspects
1. The impact of climate change on persons with disabilities
2. The impact persons with disabilities can have in contributing to climate action, by being part of the solutions and the way forward

Both aspects remain very under-researched in current climate work. In terms of policy, persons with disabilities remain very much invisible at the national level and within international frameworks on climate adaption and mitigation.

As I have already mentioned the people with disabilities a diverse of the diverse need of the people with disabilities cannot be addressed by is resource working on the climate change because is a very complex issue and the needs of persons with disabilities varies from one individual to another individual not only in terms of impairment but also the different social categories like gender ethnicity geography social and geographical conditions all these impact of a person with disability and all those things cannot be framed into a single box of marginalized groups.

Pratima Gurung, President of National Indigenous Disabled Women Association Nepal (NIDWAN) says:


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