Memorandum Submission to National Indigenous Women Organizations

Seeking spaces and representation of Women with Disabilities in Indigenous Women-led Organization namely: NIWF Federation, NIWF Forum & INWOLAG to confer on their incorporation within Indigenous Women’s movement, NIDWAN submitted a memorandum to the above mentioned three organizations on the 21st, 26th and 29th of October respectively. The memorandum includes representation, the inclusion of disability issues, collective collaboration, mainstreaming of information related to disability at all levels. NIDWAN highlighted the importance of uniting the strength of the four organizations to raise the issues and challenges faced by Women with Disabilities before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizations pledged their support and solidarity on the submitted memorandum. At the same event, NIDWAN distributed Health Hygiene Kits, Token of love to the board, executive members, other members and staff (Human Rights Defenders) of the four organizations to ensure their safety in terms of WASH and Menstrual Hygiene. 

Click to read the full memorandum.

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