Intervention and Follow-up for Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women General Recommendation (CEDAW GR) and Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

State and even CEDAW has yet to acknowledge that the discrimination and violence faced by Indigenous Women are far different from those stated by them and the experiences of Indigenous Women with Disabilities are further deeper. In this regard, every year NIDWAN has been intervening in the CEDAW GR and in the CSW and organize follow-up programmes, release statements and monitor the progress on behalf of the 700000 Indigenous Women with Disabilities in Nepal. NIDWAN has also published books on CEDAW and CRPD explaining what they are,  what they do and the concluding observation of CEDAW. Various programmes were organized by NIDWAN as a follow up after the general recommendation and intervention during the process of a general recommendation. These programmes focus on issues and narratives of IPs, Indigenous Women with Disabilities with a focus on proper and effective inclusion of their issues and realities in international platforms.

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