Climate Justice Action March for COP26

November 8, in Solidarity with CSOs working on Climate justice, Indigenous Peoples, Marginalized Groups, Communities from the Global South along with the various Social Movements, Grassroots Organizations and Climate Justice Activists, Experts around the world raised and mobilized during the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice in Glasgow and globally on Nov 6. In line with the global event, Organizations and Groups in Kathmandu, Nepal organized CLIMATE JUSTICE ACTION in Basantapur Dabali, Kathmandu 8th Nov 2021 with Tree of Hope, Playcards demonstration, Thread of life, Plastic man installation, Signature campaign, Painting, poem, Monologue Recitation, and Wheelchair dance. NIDWAN along with Digo Bikash Institute and other more than 25 organizations joined this event for climate justice and demand for separate finance to address loss and damage, No climate justice without gender, disability and indigenous justice, Rich countries to a fair share, no false solution to address the climate crisis and put indigenous peoples in the center. November 8, 2021, Basantapur Dabali, Kathmandu.

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