Indigenous Women and Girls in Nepal: A Brief Overview

Considering the status of Indigenous Women and Girls in Nepal and the lack of concrete disaggregated data, NIDWAN has successfully published a Brief Overview on Indigenous Women and Girls in Nepal that depicts their status on various areas.

Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities have intersecting identity which often tends to draw in stigmas and discrimination. Indigenous Women with Disabilities lack economic opportunities, experience prejudice, segregation, discrimination and violence projected by the patriarchal and ableist world. Evidence shows that 81% Indigenous Persons with Disabilities and Indigenous Women with Disabilities have poorer access to public facilities. Girls and women with disabilities face a higher risk of violence than those without disabilities.  Yet, we do not have a reliable data on the violence faced by an Indigenous Woman with Disabilities. The lack of data on this issue is not only alarming but also exposes the truth about how this minority group has been largely neglected by the government and the other national and international organizations. To tackle this, NIDWAN has been conducting various researches with Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities as the core focus. But only collecting data is not enough, the data needs to be widely disseminated in order to bring about a change. Thus, it is important to create a reliable factsheet that contains clear, concise and easy to understand data on the ground realities of Indigenous Woman with Disabilities.

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