Global Dialogue on ‘COVID-19 Impact on Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities, their inclusion and meaningful participation at all levels.’

On the occasion of the International Indigenous Peoples Day, NIDWAN conducted a virtual Global Dialogue entitled “COVID-19 Impact on Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities and Inclusive and Meaningful participation at all levels”. The discussion was held virtually on 2nd August 2021 in collaboration with Minority Rights International, UNDP-Nepal, UNPRPD Project and other co-organizers from the national level were organizations. 

The session was moderated by Ms. Sushila Kumari Thapa Magar (Indigenous Expert) and the speakers for this session were Mr. Fransico Cali Tzay (UN Special Rapporteur on Rights of Indigenous Peoples), Ms Teresa Zapeta, (Executive Director, International Indigenous Women’s Forum) Mr. Vladimir Cuk, (Executive Director, International Disability Alliance),  Mr. Gam Shimray, (General Secretary, Asia Indigenous peoples pact), Ms.Binda Thapa, (Representative of, UNDP) and  Ms. Pratima Gurung (President, NIDWAN).

The event put forward the issues related with engagement in covid response of peoples with disabilities, lack of information, lack of relief support, lack of meaningful participation in response, and recovery, increasing rate of violence and discrimination and targeted intervention and lack of sectoral intervention and support and failure to integrate intersectional approach in covid response and recovery. The recommendations were provided to UN agencies, development partners and Indigenous Peoples Organizations to sensitize and engage with funds mobilization for promoting the rights of under-represented Indigenous, Madhesi and Dalit peoples with disabilities. The recommendations from the research reflected working collectively by creating a political will for ensuring the rights of indigenous peoples with disabilities at all levels. The event was supported by MRG international, UNPRPD and UNDP- Nepal. 

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